Reiki : The strange way I got into energy healing

Reiki Energy HealingLess than one year ago, I had a strange yet amazing experience that brought me to discover energy healing. This is the story of how I went from almost dying alone in my bed to becoming a certified Reiki Master excited about bringing more light, love and healing to the world.

How I almost died alone in my bed

One morning, I was laying in bed going over the interview I was going to have later that afternoon. This was an important day for me as I was going to my first real interview for a first real job that would decide if I would or not move to Peru for the next year (!).

Laying on my back, starring at the ceiling, I was mentally going over the whole interview process and setting my intentions for that moment. I turned around to grab my phone when something in my lower back went C-R-A-C-K.

See, I have this vertebrae in my lower back that I injured a couple of years ago and sometimes it just comes out of alignment and pinches my sciatic nerve. Or at least, that’s why I understand form it. In those moments, I can’t stand up, the pain is horrible and need somebody to help me while I try to ‘put it back in place’. This can last hours and even days. But this time, I was alone in a hotel room (the interview was a 4 hour drive from my house so I decided to play it safe), in a city far from my home with no one to help me. I couldn’t even reach the phone to call the receptionist. Lying on my side, I started panicking because there was no way on earth that I would miss my first real interview. Urgh. BUT I COULDN’T MOVE. I tried to move my upper body but the pain was so strong..there was nothing to do but lay there .. and die of hunger.

What does this have anything to do with energy healing you ask ? Bear with me baby.

The moment my intuition kicked in

I was on the verge of crying when my intuition told me to place my hand on my lower back. I found it silly but hey, desperate times call for strange mesures.. Having no better choice of action, I closed my eyes and placed my hand where it was hurting me. As soon as I did, in my mind’s eye I started seing a bright white light coming from somewhere deep in the Universe, entering my body through my crown chakra and flowing out of my hand right into that damn vertebrae. I found myself asking the light to please please please gently heal my lower back so that I could stand up and go to my interview. I stayed like that for maybe 20 minutes, in a semi trans-meditative state. I had no idea what I was doing and had never done nor experienced anything like that before, but somehow it felt good and right. And to be honest, there wasn’t much more that I could have done except maybe scream for help (soooo dramatic).

After a while, I thought to myself ‘well, this is absolutely ridiculous, I need to stop doing whatever the hell I’m doing and find a real solution’. But as I removed my hand from my lower back to try and grab my cellphone on the night table, I realized that I didn’t feel the tension in my lower back anymore… it was gone. Astounded, I moved my hips a little. Nothing. No pain. Confused, I put my weight on my hand and sat up without any problem. I was in absolute shock. I couldn’t believe it! This was absolutely impossible. I stood up, moved around.. my pain was gone. It was as if it had never been there in the first place. If any of you have sciatic nerve problems like mine you know damn well that it doesn’t go away on such short notice. Ever.

But hey, it was gone. Perplexed and to be honest a little scared, I stared at my hand in wonder. What had I just done ? What had just happened ?

What had just happened ?

After my interview (which ended up going pretty well as I am writing this from Lima hehe) I ran back to my hotel and spent hours googling and researching trying to figure out what the hell had happened that morning. I ended up finding out about this thing called energy healing and even though it sounded a little woo-woo at first, there was no denying it since I had experienced it at first hand.

A few weeks after this experience, I was setting foot in Lima promising myself that I would learn more about energy healing and more precisely, Reiki. The energy is so high here in Peru, this was the perfect place to learn about energy healing I thought and so I set the intention and let it go. And since the Path Provides I smiled from ear to ear when a few months later the opportunity to undergo a Reiki immersion manifested itself on my path.

Reiki : A new path unfolds

Today, less than a year after that I-almost-died-of-hunger-in-a-hotel-but-energy-healing-saved-my-ass episode, I am so grateful to have had the incredible opportunity to undergo a Reiki master training with the beautiful Jamie Brandt. At the Hanuman Yoga studio (if you guys are around Lima, you should definitely check it out) with a group of kind souls aka my Reiki Tribe, I learned how to use the beauty of life force energy to heal physically, emotionally and mentally and became a Reiki Master.

I am eternally grateful for this opportunity life has placed on my path and I cannot wait to bring more love, light and healing to this world.


Now if you’re thinking That’s amazing ! How can I schedule a Reiki healing session with you Nikita ?, then good news awaits you here. Also all my Reiki healing sessions are donation based.


If (like me) you’re the I-like-to-read-about-stuff kind of Soul then check out these ressources and learn more about reiki.


And if I suck at reading your mind and you have a particular question, feel free to ask away right here.


Lots of light tribe ♥
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