How I’m setting intentions for my year in Costa Rica

Last Thursday, in the middle of a -28°C night, I finished packing my suitcases, braved the snow storm that was raging over Montreal and drove to the airport. Oh man, it felt good to leave my winter coat and boots with my parents at the airport. I certainly won’t be needing those for a while ! (Talking about the winter clothes here.. not my parents obviously -_-)


While I was sitting on the plane that was taking me to Costa Rica, I could not help but feel anxious and wonder what my life would look like for the next year. It’s never easy to leave everything behind and start from scratch in a different country in a language you barely understand not to mentions speak. I know it’s the career path that I chose, and it’s not my first time working abroad, but I thought it would get easier each time. And well, it doesn’t really.

At that point, the only thing that I knew for sure was that I would be working in San José in the legal department of a local NGO defending victims of human trafficking. That’s it. That was my only certainty. All the rest was yet to be written and as I was flying over the clouds, I let my imagination run wild. And that’s when I remembered this quote by Wayne Dyer : “Our intention creates our reality.”

This quote reminded me of how important intentions are. I took out my notebook and a pen and decided to take a moment to write down my intentions for that year I would spend in Costa Rica. This is a way of letting the Universe know what kind of experiences, persons, things, I would like to bring forth into my life and see manifest.

I ended up falling asleep on my first flight and didn’t get to write down those intentions, but I had a big ass layover in Texas. Everybody knows layovers are pretty annoying, but hey, on the bright side this gave me plenty of time to write down what I wished to manifest for this new chapter in my life.

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While I was sitting for hours at the airport in Texas waiting for my connection, I wrote down my intentions for my life in Costa Rica. In one year, at the end on my journey, I will come back to this post and do a recap ! And I thought that it would be a good idea to share a few of those intentions with you guys to maybe inspire you on your own manifesting journey and also for my personal accountability.

Here are my intentions / affirmation for my year in Costa Rica :

♥︎  I feel happy and have good vibes in this new city that I am calling home for the next months ;

♥︎  I am always safe, divinely protected and guided.

♥︎  I discover a new country and a new culture with which I can not help but fall deeply in love with ;

♥︎  I am feeling accomplished and happy at work, I am a part of the team and my ideas, opinions and knowledge are deeply valued ;

♥︎  I meet beautiful souls, we become good friends and we go on crazy adventures together ;


Setting intentions | Manifestation | Costa Rica | Travel | Law of Attraction | The Path Provides


♥︎  I allow new beginnings in my life

♥︎  I deepen my relation to Spirit by practicing meditation and yoga on a regular basis and by meeting a soul tribe that helps me grow and learn on my spiritual path ;

♥︎  My relationship with Antoine is loving, committed, beautiful and long-lasting ;

♥︎  I have something pleasantly surprising happen to me ;

♥︎  I have the craziest synchronicities happen to me ;


Setting intentions | Manifestation | Costa Rica | Travel | Law of Attraction | The Path Provides


♥︎  I am given a book that will provide insights into a question I’ve been asking myself ;

♥︎  I manifest a ‘Wild Unknown’ Tarot deck ;

♥︎  Spiders, cucarachas and other crazy hot-country-bugs bypass me. I strongly repel them and they do not care about me at all.

♥︎  I am growing The Path Provides. I love this space and interacting with this tribe brings me so much joy, I am keeping the momentum going!


That’s it tribe ! Here are the main intentions that I’ve set for the next chapter in my life. I am excited at the idea that in one year, at the end on my journey, I will come back to this post and do a recap ! What do you guys think ? What are some of your intentions for the next chapter of your life ?


Sending you all lots of love,

Nikita | The Path Provides | Spiritual Blog




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