Being unapologetically lazy

Last Friday was Peru’s Independence Day and so we had Friday off and a long weekend in front of us. Funny fact about Peru, on Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 28th, each household is obliged to put a Peruvian flag in front of their house and if you do not comply with this, you will receive a huge fine. My roomies and I were not super fond of this imposed nationalism thing but when we saw how much the fine was, trust me that we ran to buy a flag and hanged it in front of our house were you can clearly see it from the street. If we could have attached neons lights to it, we would have. Anything but the fine please. But anyways, my point is that Thursday my mind was already organizing my three-day long weekend, planning out everything thing that I would do during that time. It was satisfactory to know that my days would be well filled. Three days off, that’s a lot of time I was going to put into good use… or so I thought.

Unapologetically Lazy.

 Not wanting to do anything

But then Friday morning came and along with it came this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to do anything. I was just laying in my bed starring at the ceiling and felt like doing absolutely nothing… all day. I didn’t feel like going for a run nor doing my morning Ashtanga Yoga practice. I didn’t feel like taking a shower or even getting out of the house. Really, I felt like doing straight nothing.

And then I felt this immense sense of guilt. I felt guilty of wanting to do nothing more than laying in bed all day. How could I waste so much time ? I had so many thing to do ! You see since I’m working a regular 9 to 6 job during the week days, I usually take advantage of the weekends to write my blog articles and mostly do all other blog related things. Blogging has been taking a lot of my time (maybe too much as it has been pointed out to me) and don’t get me wrong I loooove working on The Path Provides, and I only wish that I could do this full time, but as of this Friday morning off, I didn’t want to hear a thing about it. And it made me feel so guilty ! Not writing would make my blog posts late and that could not happen. So I kicked my butt out of bed, dragged myself to the living room, had breakfast and sat at my computer with the intention to write. But as I sat there staring at a blank page, nothing was coming to mind. No inspiration whatsoever. Nada. And trust me I tried. I wrote a few lines and erased them. I was writing and rewriting but every time I ended up erasing what I wrote because let’s be honest, it was just plain bad. I must have spent maybe 2 or 3 hours like that. Really forcing myself to write my blog post because that’s what I had to do. I kept repeating to myself that this is what I had to do, I had planned it all out.

Hey, do I really have to do this ?

And then after a while I caught my thoughts and I asked myself .. Hey, do I really have to do this ? I mean said who ? And what would happen if I didn’t ? Is it that bad to want to do nothing ? Is it something that I should be ashamed of ? Why was I burning myself out here when my body and mind clearly wanted to rest ?

And that’s when I asked myself if it was okay to do what I wanted to do rather than what I had to do ? Even if that was sweet nothing ? Maybe it was okay sometimes to lay in bed all day and watch the hours slowly slip away if that was what I felt like doing. Why should I feel guilty ?

And so I took the decision that if I was going to do nothing, I was going to do absolutely nothing and I was going to do it right. I was going to be lazy unapologetically and enjoy the hell out of it.

And so I did.

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Being unapologetically lazy

I went back to bed and took a nap .. at 11 in the morning (!) yeah I know, but guess what ? It felt amazing ! I spent the rest of the day curled up in the warmest blanket that I could find (Antoine : I’m talking about your blanket here héhé) binge watching Netflix, ordering take-out. My roommates were all ready to leave for the weekend asking me if I was alright and the truth was that I was feeling pretty amazing. The fact that I had allowed myself to be unapologetically lazy, to do exactly what my body was asking without me shaming myself for it .. It felt relieving. My plans for the weekend ? Nothing. And it was going to be amazing.

And I am well aware of the fact that not everybody has the same lifestyle as me where I can decide to do nothing 3 days straight if I want to. I don’t own a house, don’t have kids, and my dog lives with my parents while I’m working in a foreign country (sad but true). I fully understand, that we’re all different kinds of busy. But if ever you feel like I did this weekend, feeling like not showing up into the world, if you ever feel like you need to be given permission to be unapologetically lazy one weekend, day or even just for a short moment, then I am heartwarmingly giving you the permission to do so. No guilt attached. Promised.

I guess that it all just comes down to listening to our bodies. Yes, we live in a world where procrastinating and being lazy is seen as something very negative and shameful, but if your body and mind are asking for it, then there must be a reason and you should listen. Right ?  And to hell with what others think.

Hear ! Hear ! to you all being unapologetically lazy. May your beds be comfy, your hair messy and your take-out good.

Lots of Love my beautifuls

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