Can we communicate with animals ?

As a kid, I dreamed of nothing more than to be able to communicate with the animal world. How amazing would that be ? I remember spending hours trying to ‘talk’ with my guinea pig ‘Borise’.. but after being told so many times that animals don’t talk in real life, I stopped trying. But today, I stumbled on something that made me reconsider that statement and so I couldn’t help but wonder, were we wrong all this time ? Can we actually communicate with animals ?

Interspecies communication animalsAs a kid it was my biggest dream to talk with animals.

I remember clearly the day Dr. Dolittle came out in the movies. I was 8 or 9 and I begged and begged my parents for weeks to please please go see it. A movie with Eddie Murphy and talking animals ? That had to be the best movie ever. But, instead of taking me to the cinema, my parents did something even more awesome …they bought me the VHS cassette, which I watched on repeat with my brother.

How incredibly amazing it would be if animals could actually communicate with us ? Like really talk with us ? Imagine all the knowledge and insight we could gain from such relationships. I really really really wanted to live in a world where I could have a conversation with a dog, a cat, or with my guinea pig Borise. What an amazing world would that be. But as any other kid, I was told that I had too much imagination because everybody knows that animals do not talk in real life.

Ugh, Real life is sooo boring.

Today I came across interspecies communication

Today, my 28 year-old self was roaming through youtube, when I came across this video of a woman specializing in interspecies communication. The video title caught my attention and to be honest I was bored out of my mind at work (sorry boss) and so I watched it shamelessly. I know it sounds crazy and maybe it is but bear with me because..

…Guys, it blew my adult mind.

Anna Breytenbach is this badass professional animal communicator, who can connect with animals energetically or telepathically and find out directly from them what their thoughts and feelings are about their lives, environments and certain situations (!) In this short video, Anna goes to meet ‘Diablo’ an agressive black leopard rescued from an European zoo where he was abused for years. This experienced had left him scared and all he did was to manifest an agressive behaviour towards anyone that would approach him. Desperate, not knowing what to do, the owner of the rescue shelter, called interspecies communicator Anna Breytenbach for help. The information she provided about the black leopard by communicating with him was incredible so much that it brought the owner of the shelter to tears.

Jaw dropped, mind blown. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I watched every second of that video pretty much how I used to watch Dr. Dolittle … completely hooked.

It left me so curious that I decided to raid internet for more information on this amazing woman and on psychic animal communication. Was she crazy ? Was she making it all up ? Is psychic animal communication actually a thing ? Are there more people like here communicating with animals ? I think I spent a good hour (maybe three) searching across the web (sorry, not sorry boss. This was an emergency). The answers I found were astounding. It’s a game changer, a perspective shifter. I can feel 8-year old self jumping around in excitement. Once again she knew instinctively something my adult ass had to learn with time and patience.


Psychic animal communication is actually a thing

And as it turns out, people like Anna Breytenback who can communicate with animals have existed for a very loooong time and in many cultures around the world. So why haven’t we heard about this before ? At least I haven’t. Quite the contrary I remember clearly people telling me that animals do not talk in real life. And this made me think. Could this be due to our modern Western materialistic culture where we have been strongly influenced by things such as religion and science to believe in the separateness between us and our surrounding ? Could this illusion of separateness have made such a thing as interspecies communication seem so strange ? The more I read about this topic, the more videos I watched, I could not help but wonder, have we been wrong all this time ? Can we actually access knowledge from and about these animals ? And in the light of how we treat them, if animals could really communicate with us, would we have the courage to listen ?

Anyways, this information is still very fresh for me and I am way too excited by all the possibilities that just opened up. I feel like my whole perspective has been changed and  I don’t know yet what to do with all of this new obtained knowledge. Maybe I have to sit down and meditate with it. And so I won’t go deeper into explaining what is interspecies  communication and how it works because I myself am not yet sure to understand it all. But, it felt like such a discovery that I had to share it with you guys. You can find here the video that shook an established belief that I have been dragging for around 20 years. I hope you get a chance to see it and make up your own mind about this. Because you guys know how important it is to find your own truth.

Are there any Dr Dolittle admirers amongst you ? Any one of you has had any experience with animal communication before ? Is it real ? Or is it too good to be true. What’s your take on this ?

Lots of love and light to all animal souls
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  1. I used to watch Dr. Dolittle on repeat too !!!! And like you I always had this inner gut feeling that animals could communicate with us, but never actually saw anybody do it for real. It was heartwarming to watch the video with Anna Breytenbach. We need to spread the word out and change the way we see and act towards animals. namaste

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