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If you are drawn towards receiving a beautiful, soft and powerful Reiki distance healing session from me, then the first step is to fill in the form below with all the information required.

Reiki healing session

After filling in the form below with all the information required, I will contact you within a period of two week to go through an initial consultation. During that consultation, I will walk you through the process of the Reiki distance healing session, provide you with all the information needed and answer any question you may have. We will also talk about any issue that needs healing, love and light and finally set a date and time.

I know that the idea of distance healing may sound a little weird at first. At least, it did for me. But that was only until I understood that we as human beings and everything that surrounds us, it being our dogs, cats, plants, furniture, Everything that surrounds us, and all that is us is nothing more than energy and as the Hermetic Law of Similarity states all is connected. All is part of a whole. And thus, it is possible to use the Universal Life Energy to bring healing, light and love to a recipient that is not physically present. The beauty of Reiki goes even further. Since te healing is not restrained by the physical presence of the recipient, we can go ahead and send healing to our past-self or even future-self. This allows us to heal traumas from one’s youth or even one’s past life ! How incredible is that !

I truly believe that the best way to understand Reiki is by experiencing it. And you guys know me well enough to know that I always say that there are as many truth as there are Souls, and so I encourage you to go out and find your own truth.

Reiki healing session Donation

How much does this Reiki Distance Healing session cost ?

The cost of a Reiki healing session may vary from one Reiki Master to an other. In my case, I strongly believe that Everybody should have the opportunity to access Reiki healing. As it is a Universal Energy, that always acts for the higher interest of the recipient, I strongly believe that receiving the healing light and love of Reiki should not be refused for any motive such as money. Reiki transcends the barriers of time, space and should as well transcend the barrier of finances.

Therefore, my distance Reiki healing sessions, are donation based. Feel free to give what you can, and mostly what you, in your heart, feel to be right. 


Schedule a Reiki distance healing Session

Schedule a Reiki Distance Healing Session

I’m excited to share the beauty of Reiki with you guys
Lots of Love & Light

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