I gave Reiki to a Moth

Yesterday morning, I woke up as any other day, did my morning Ashtanga Yoga practice and went to my balcony to grab my towel (because of the humidity, nothing ever dries here in Lima so we leave everything outside or it gets moldy in the blink of an eye) before heading to the shower.

But when I set foot outside, I froze. There on my balcony ramp was this gigantic white insect, just chilling inches from my towel. Urghhh ! Guys the thing was huge ! I got shivers up and down my spine and slowly took my towel hoping the thing wouldn’t do anything crazy like jump on me or ya know throw flames or something. Mind you, I’ve been living in Peru long enough to know that they have all sorts of crazy bugs here. Anyway, I slowly took my towel, slammed the door and shook off this gross feeling I had and went on with my day. Hopefully that thing would be gone once I return from work.. Worst case scenario, I would never use my balcony ever again.

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But of course when I came back home from work that night, the white monster was still there. It hadn’t even moved a bit. Urgh ! I told my roommate about it, he just rolled his eyes and went straight for the Raid. I followed him to my balcony and just as he was about to shoot some powerful insect repellent on the poor thing, I closed my eyes. That’s when I felt this overwhelming feeling of sadness. It was so such a strange feeling. It wasn’t mine for sure, maybe I had picked up on somebody’s vibration ? Or something’s ? STOOOP ! I yelled at my roomie as he was about to Raid the poor thing. I got closer and took a good look at the beast for the first time. As I was watching it, I realized it was a white moth. It actually looked beautiful and to be honest, it wasn’t scary at all. On the contrary I found it rather beautiful, impressive and even majestic. I know we’re talking about a flying no-no here but really, it was pretty.

And that’s when I realized that it wasn’t a monster that I was looking at, it wasn’t even a bug, it was nothing like that.. What I was looking at was nothing more than a soul like you and me except that this little fella had decided to come here on earth in the form on this beautiful white moth. And as I was observing it, I realized that one of its wings looked as if it was injured.

And that’s the moment that I knew exactly what I had to do. I took the Raid from my roommate’s hands and thanked him, today was not going to be the day we’d kill this creature. He looked at me strangely, probably rolled his eyes mentally and left my room. As soon as he did, I grabbed my candles, a few crystals and got ready for a reiki session. I went outside to my balcony and placed a big rose quartz as close as possible to the moth. You see, rose quartz is a stone that speaks to the heart, a stone of unconditional love. It has a vibration of tenderness, healing and comfort and is known for dissolving emotional wounds while filling the aura with divine loving energy. Because I had felt this heaviness of the heart moments ago coming from the moth, I instinctively knew that the soft and loving energy from this crystal would be perfect.

I placed my hands a few inches over the moth and started giving it Reiki.

As soon as I started, I felt yet again this sadness. It was so heavy and dense it almost brought tears to my eyes. A few moments into the session, this mantra popped into my mind «You are beautiful, you are loved, you are beautiful, you are loved… » I didn’t quite know where that came from, but thought it was beautiful and decided to  go on and use it. And so, I kept repeating it on and on in my mind while continuing the Reiki session. Time passed slowly, and after a while I noticed that the heaviness and sadness were gone from my awareness and I felt my hands becoming cold. The Reiki session had come to an end.


When I did my Reiki training I would never have thought that I would one day be giving Reiki to a moth but here I was, sharing this beautiful moment with this little soul.  Hey, life is full of surprises isn’t it ?

At the end of the session, I decided to go get my camera to capture this really special moment. When I came back, the moth had moved from where it had been for the last day and was now on top of my rose quartz. It just stood there for a little while and then flew away.

Guys, I wish you could feel just how much of an amazing and deep moment that was. And although I didn’t get to take a picture of this white moth, I will nevertheless remember the lesson this encounter taught me. We are all one. We are all equal. Whether we are humans, animals, insects or trees. We’re just specks of consciousness experiencing this crazy place called earth and looking to be loved.

So next time you get shivers and run for the Raid, I hope you will stop a second and think about this, maybe even send the bug some loving. Because, that’s all we really need.


All my love to you guys,

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautiful post. It’s amazing how quickly we forget that spirits take many forms and we should respect them all! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. What an interesting and wonderful read. So loving and kind and reminding us all of our healing and the spirits. Thank you for sharing, this was beautiful!

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