Law of Attraction | How I manifested a job in Costa Rica

Law of Attraction ManifestationI always, always, always talk about the law of attraction.

Ask anyone in my entourage, they will tell you that I cannot shut up about how amazing and powerful the Law of Attraction is. And I feel like I spend so much time showing others about how to align their vibrations in order to manifest what they want in their lives, that sometimes I forget to actually to the same myself. This week, life has reminded me that the Universe is always listening and that it has no chill.

Those of you who have been following me for a while might have noticed that I have this duality within myself.

On one side, I am a young professional working in international law and more precisely in human rights, travelling for work and wearing a lot of suits and heals. While on the other side, I am a passionate blogger who’s sole dream is to have a yoga and meditation studio, live a spiritually rich life and wear colorful aladdin pants whenever I please. These two sides of my personality each have a strong voice but as I have come to notice, don’t complement each other that well. In the last years, as I have started to be more serious about my spiritual path, I gained confidence and have surprised myself by slowly letting my spiritual side shine brighter. (It is my favorite one after all.)

For example

For the past 6 months or so I have started to say out loud that my dream was to have my own yoga & meditation studio in Costa Rica. I even mentioned this dream to some of my coworkers (!). Big step for me. (Unfortunately, the legal world is not that much into the woowoo business.) And to be honest I do dream of having my own yoga and meditation studio but have no clue as to why I decided that it would be in Costa Rica… I have never even set foot there. But somehow it just seemed like a good place to envision my dream life and so without giving it much more thought, I kept talking about my dream of opening my yoga & meditation studio in Costa Rica. And it felt good talking about it. It felt good to let shine my spiritual side even when I had a suit on. I loved the sense of wholeness I gained  from it rather than the feeling of duality I used to have by hiding.

And the Law of attraction being beautiful and powerful as it is, well guess what…

This week I was offered the opportunity to go work in …

Costa Rica !

No joke. How insane is that ? I am still in choc. I just can’t believe it.

yeah that’s just a coincidence”

And maybe some of you might think ”yeah that’s just a coincidence”. But is it ? Is it really ? I mean I wasn’t actively working on manifesting this dream I kept talking about. Hell I don’t even know why out of 196+ countries on earth I chose Costa Rica. But I did. All this time I was creating this picture in my mind that was bringing me lots of joy which in return kept me talking even more about it. And without even realizing it, I was emitting a frequency that the Universe ended up matching. I still can’t believe this is happening but the LOA being what it is, I attracted exactly what I emitted.  Well, not exactly that. The job offer remains in the field of human rights and sadly not in a yoga nor meditation studio. I won’t get to wear bright aladdin pants anytime I want just yet but still, pretty sweet no ? And who knows what might happen ? Who knows where the Universe might take me next.

The Law of Attraction is always listening

Manifestation LOA quoteOne thing is certain, (and this is the whole point of my article) the Law of Attraction is powerful and it is Universal. It is working it’s magic wether you are actively participating in this co-creative process or not. I didn’t even realize that I had manifested that which I had been imagining and talking about for months until a coworker pointed it out to me that I was one step closer to my big dream. Without me really engaging actively in the process, my mind was  creating a picture of me living a life by the beach in Costa Rica and the Universe matched it by offering me an amazing opportunity to work in Costa Rica. And all of this was done on auto-pilot, I didn’t even realize I was putting this out there. And it got me thinking. Fortunately, I was building this beautiful and positive image in my mind. But what if instead, my mind on auto-pilot had been creating a vision of fear and uncertainty.. What would I have manifested then ?

So observe yourself well

So observe yourself and observe yourself well. What kind of vibrations are you putting out there ? Where does your mind wander when you’re not watching ? Is it going to a place of love, kindness and abundance ? Or is it perhaps going towards self-doubt, fear and lack. And what about your words? Observe it all my beautiful Souls and ask yourselves, would I really want to attract an experience on this vibrational level ?

Because as life has just showed me, the Universe is always listening and baby, it has no chill. It does not care if you want or not that thing your mind keeps bringing up. If you emit it, it will match it. Sometimes I imagine the Universe like

* Universe thinking *
That guy over there has a lot of self doubt on his mind. Humm.. he must really like that.
Double order of self doubt with a side of low self-esteem flavoured experience coming right up !

Joking aside, remember that the Law of Attraction is Universal and it is working it’s magic wether you are conscient of it or no. Knowing this why not choose to be part of this process and actively co-create the life you really want ? Observe your thoughts. Observe where you mind wanders. Because if you emit it, you’ll attract it.

Lots of love
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