How to use scripting to manifest a kickass New Year (with freebie yay!)

Law of Attraction Scripting The Path Provides
Law of Attraction Scripting The Path Provides New Year
New year Law of Attraction Manifestation Scripting The Path Provides
New year Law of Attraction Manifestation Scripting The Path Provides
New year Law of Attraction Manifestation Scripting The Path Provides
New year Law of Attraction Manifestation Scripting The Path Provides
New Year Law of Attraction Scripting The Path Provides Manifesting
New Year Law of Attraction Scripting The Path Provides Manifesting

This year, I spent the holidays at my parents’ house and if you could see my room you’d probably be shocked by how many diaries you can find in there. Yeah, I’m the I-write-everything-down kind of girl, I just looove to document my journey as it unfolds.

While I was there, I sat down and took out my diaries from 2017. I took some time to flip through last year’s diary and was amazed at what an incredible ride 2017 has been !

In 2017, I got my first job in human rights (right out of college wouhouu !) which brought me to Peru, where I made incredible new friends, learned to speak a fifth language and also had the amazing opportunity of becoming a Reiki master. During that time, I also deepened my yoga practice, created The Path Provides, fell in love with the most incredible partner I could have ever asked for.. and that’s only to name a few.

But don’t get me wrong, 2017 also had it’s rough moments, oh my, my. I clearly remember moments of fear, sadness and doubt.  But in the end, when I look at the bigger picture, I am equally grateful for both the good and the hard as it brought and taught me so much.

What is scripting ?

Now that 2018 is here, I usually like to take a moment to sit down and write down what I would like my next year to look like. This method is called scripting and it is a powerful Law of attraction tool in which you write down the future as if it had already happened. Scripting is used to deliberately make changes in ones life. You can use it anytime, but I like to particularly use it for New Year.

I know New Year is pretty much always about declaring resolutions. But those are not for me, I never stick to them anyways. Does anyone really ? (yeah, looking at you gym membership that I never use pass February – urgh).

No, resolutions aren’t for me, I prefer to write down and script what I’d like to see manifest in the year to come, this is what we call scripting.

How do you use scripting to manifest your ideal life ?

So how do you start using this amazing Law of Attraction tool ? Scripting is no joke super powerful, every year when I read what I wrote the year before, I keep getting amazed at how much of what I had envisioned actually manifested in my life.

And since it is my biggest wish that you guys be your brightest, biggest, happiest selves in 2018, I’ve decided to create a 5 step guide to help you create your own scripting ritual and have a kickass year.

Law of Attraction Scripting New Year

»» Download my 5 step guide to Scripting and manifest a kickass New Year !


Happy Scripting! Happy New Year!
With lots and lots of love,

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  1. Hi Nikita ! I just love reading your blog so much. Although I had never heard of scripting, I can’t wait to try it out ! I’ll let you know next year if what I wrote has manifested. I can’t wait !

  2. Nikita ! I’m so happy to have found this ! I already printed out the guide and am about to start what I think will become a yearly ritual. Thank you so much

  3. Oh I just love everything you’re doing here on your blog. I recently had a really fun scripting experience where I was talking to my bf about my work life as if I had already been working for an entire year. I said things like: “I’m so glad I made this career change. I knew it would be a good move and it’s been so rewarding. I love this job!” This was a month before I even had my first day. So I suppose I was scripting without even realizing it! Thanks so much for your post, I’ll be following your blog!

    You might enjoy a post I wrote re: New Years resolutions. I’ll leave the link so you can check it out!

    love and light,

    1. Hi there ! Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience ! Scripting is such a powerful tool and I’m so happy that you got what you asked for ! I will check out your blog with pleasure ! lots of love

  4. I just read and filled up your scripting guide. It is so beautiful, it was a pleasure to read it and now I am excited to see where this might lead me. I’ve never done scripting before but I can feel that I will make it a part of my life. Thank you so much

    1. Thank you so much Julia, I am happy that you liked it. Good luck with scripting and let me know how it goes !

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