Yoga Style Ashtanga Kundalini Hatha

Which yoga style is best for you ? | Part 1

Alright, so you’ve been thinking about starting a yoga practice but feel overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga classes out there ? What’s the difference between Ashtanga and Bikram yoga ? And what about Yin and Iyengar yoga ? Ugghh right ? But don’t worry dear, I got your back. In this first part of my Which yoga style is best for you ? series, we will go through 3 types of yoga : Ashtanga, Hatha and Kundalini. May it shed some light on your search for the perfect yoga practice.

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Law of Attraction Manifestation Books

5 amazing books on the Law of Attraction

My bet is that if you are reading this right now, you are either new at the idea of the law of attraction or you are looking to learn more about this beautiful universal law and how to use its magic in order to co-create the life you truly dream of. Either way, I have collected here a short but oh-so-sweet list of my favorite books on the subject. These beauties will teach you all there is to know and you will gain the knowledge to manifest away. It is so important to wake-up to the realization that each of you is a beautiful and powerful being capable of creating the world they want with the power of the Law of Attraction. So start reading tribe, the law of attraction is at the tip of your fingers.

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Can we communicate with animals ?

As a kid, I dreamed of nothing more than to be able to communicate with the animal world. How amazing would that be ? I remember spending hours trying to 'talk' with my guinea pig 'Borise'.. but after being told so many times that animals don't talk in real life, I stopped trying. But today, I stumbled on something that made me reconsider that statement and so I couldn't help but wonder, were we wrong all this time ? Can we actually communicate with animals ?

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Law of Attraction Abraham

What causes worldwide waves of unwanted events ?

In light of the tragic events that have been striking the world in the last months, several people have reached out  to me asking about the role played by the Law of Attraction in unwanted and woeful situations like those seen happening in Iran,  France, United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden to name only a few and on their seeming recurrence throughout the world. Why do we see these kind of events happening more and more often?

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