The story behind ”The Path Provides”

A few summers ago, I felt called to spend some time in nature and since I had my whole summer off I decided to hike the entire state or Vermont in the United States, from South to North. Why not, right ?

As I started this journey hiking through the green mountains, I began to slowly notice few coincidences that were too good to be true. Little did I know at that time that I was embarking on a journey that not only would take me 439 kilometers across the entire state of Vermont but also that I was starting a very different journey : the discovery of my path to spiritual development.

The Path Provides - AboutI think the most important ”coincidence” happened the day that I melted my hiking shoes desperately trying to dry by the camp fire. Yeah, I know. It was my second week in the woods (out of four) and didn’t have any spare shoes, not even sandals and still miles to walk to the nearest resupply city. Urgh ! Holding what was left of my hiking boots, miles from any civilization, never had I felt so helpless.

There were few other hikers at the camp site that night and I told them about what had happened. I could feel how sorry they felt for me except for this one veteran hiker. Later that night, he came to my tent smiling and told me ‘Don’t worry little one, The Path Provides. It always does’. I was in tears and didn’t really understand what he meant by that and didn’t give it too much thoughts either. Tired, I went to sleep.

The next day, knowing that I had no other choice but to move forward if I ever wanted to reach the next town and buy new shoes, I put on my 4 pairs of socks, wrapped my feet in duct tape and started walking. What else could I do ? After walking the slowest three miles of my life, my feet were killing me. So, I decided to stop at the next shelter for a quick break. As I painfully arrived, I noticed something in the corner of the shelter…

Well guess what I found ?


Yes, shoes ! Right there in this old shelter in the middle of the woods, some hiker must have forgotten them, or just left them there. They were old and worn out and the left shoe had one hole on the side but still, it was a miracle. And the best part ? they were (almost) my size !

I couldn’t believe my eyes ! As I sat down to put my sore ducked tapped feet in them, this little voice inside my mind said :

Don’t worry little one, The Path Provides. It always does’.

Then it hit me. What if this applied not only to this particular path in the forest ? What if it applied to life in general ? How many times has something happened exactly at the moment you needed it ? How many times has somebody crossed your path with exactly the advise you needed at that moment ? How many sincronicities happen on your Path ?

What if the Path really provides exactly what we need when we need it ?

That thought followed me for the rest of my hike across the State of Vermont and still does today.

Intrigued, I began paying more attention to the little coincidences life threw at me and of course, the more I observed, the more manifested. I became this spiritual explorer, unravelling the mysteries of this beautiful path we all walk.

What a great journey it has been so far but I know that there is still much more to learn and discover. Being passionate about this spiritual and personal journey, I decided to start writing this blog to spread the knowledge I have gained in order to provide guidance to those seeking it. And what better name than .. The Path Provides ?

 I hope you enjoy.
Love, love, beautiful souls.

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