What is the Law of Attraction ?

What is the law of attraction ManifestingWhat is the law of attraction Manifesting
What is the law of attraction Manifesting
What is the law of attraction Manifesting
What is the law of attraction Manifesting
What is the law of attraction Manifesting

Writing about the Law of Attraction (LOA) makes me feel so full of joy and love and light because this is exactly why I am writing this blog. I want to share the magic that happens on this beautiful spiritual journey you and I are on. And trust me, it doesn’t get more magical than the LOA. Well, sometimes it does but more on that later.

Law Attraction meaning


Without further ado…here it is !

The Law of Attraction goes like this :

Law of attraction quote

Boom ! Magic.

The Law of Attraction is Universal

The first thing that you must know about this law is that it is universal. Meaning, that it occurs whether you are aware or it or not, whether you believe in it or not. In fact, not only have you encountered it before but it has been affecting every aspect of your physical experience here on earth. Seriously. Take a minute to think about it. Haven’t you ever given thoughts to something that you dearly wanted only to see that said thing manifest in your life ?

Here is an example. When I was in law school, I really loved everything that had to do with international law but was afraid to pursue my studies in that field. At the time, it seemed like a scary, unstable field and somehow everybody around me seemed to strongly voice their opinions discouraging me to pursue such a career path. Everywhere I would turn, there would be stories of failed international careers. Then during my last summer of college I was backpacking through Europe when one of the most important synchronicity of my life happened. As I was in Montenegro snorkeling in the ocean I noticed something odd at the bottom of the sea and so I plunged and grabbed it. It turned out to be a black leather wallet which was completely empty except for this one card. As I looked closely at it I realized it wasn’t just any plastic card… it was someone’s United Nations’ badge (!) It was so unthinkable that I couldn’t stop staring at it. I mean.. what where the odds ? (wink wink synchronicity ! ) I remember that holding that badge in my hands, I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of excitement and pure joy. That was the moment that I knew. I knew I would one day have my own UN badge. My decision was made, I would study international law and for the first time felt overly excited about it. And rightly, for the first time in years I was really looking forward to my future and my field of work. From that day, my entire mindset regarding my career in international law changed. I was no longer feeling scared, uncertain and reluctant and somehow everything around me regarding that matter changed. I had no idea how I would get there, but I simply knew that I was on my way. And the Law of Attraction being what it is, soon I started meeting people, reading articles and having opportunities that were indicating me that this career path was not only possible but would be my path and it would be amazing. And whenever I would feel my old thought pattern coming back I would simply catch it and turn it around. Instead of inviting fear and doubt into my mind I would imagine myself holding my own beautiful and shiny UN badge. That vision brought so much joy into my heart and kept me going. And now, 5 years later… guess what ? Magic.

Your thoughts act like a magnets

So this is the most important thing to understand. Your thoughts are like a magnet that reaches out to the Universe, attracts other thoughts that are vibrationally alike and brings them back to you. The incredible book The Law of attraction says it very clearly : Your attention to subjects, your activation of thoughts and the Law of attraction’s response to those thoughts is responsible for every person, every event, and every circumstance that comes into your experience. All of these things are brought into your experience through a sort of powerful magnetic funnel as they are vibrational matches to your own thoughts.

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Observe your thoughts

This being said, now that this magical law has been brought to your awareness, now that you understand that there is a direct connection between your thoughts and that which has manifested in your life I strongly encourage you to start observing your thoughts. Where do they wander ? Are they rather positive or negative ? What kind of vibrational level are they on and what would such a level attract ? With such knowledge you now have the absolute power to shape your life the way you came here to experience it. You now have the knowledge that you can attract and manifest the experiences you really want to experience in order to grow. Told you. Magic!

Before going more deeply into this subject and learning more about the LOA, I recommend that you take a moment, a day or maybe more to reflect on your life. Find where your thoughts have brought you on your path so far. Think of experiences you have had whether they were good or bad and try to find the thought pattern that brought them to manifest in your life. Think about the great universal nature of  the Law of Attraction and notice how it has been there all along.

I strongly believe that by doing so you will get the intimate understanding of the existence of the Law of Attraction and it will make you realize what role your thoughts have been playing on your path this far. 

Stay tuned beautiful and powerful souls !
There is more magic to come

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