Why do I keep waking up at 3 am ?

For the past three weeks or so I have been having these strange experiences at night and can’t wrap my brain around why it’s been happening. And so I thought that I would turn to you, dear tribe…


3 am awakening

Maybe your guys know what’s going on.

See, ll my life I have had this particular relationship with my dreams and from that I learned to keep a regular sleep schedule, at least as much as possible. This enables me to avoid nightmares and helps me receive better guidance through my dreams. So typically, I go to sleep around 11 o’clock after doing yoga or meditation. Normally, I sleep pretty well all night and wake up to the sound of my alarm around 7:00 am.

Lately my night routine has been very different.

I have found myself to wake up once.. every night. Yes. Every night.  At first I didn’t really give it too much thought. Some nights I would wake up, quickly run to the bathroom and then jump right back to bed and fall asleep after a while of tossing and turning. But then it started to happen e.v.e.r.y night. After a week of this middle-of-the-night-awakening, I started to observe the experience more carefully and realized that several elements repeated themselves night after night.

Here’s what I’ve observed

First, I noticed that it always happens around the same time. I always wake up somewhere around 3 am. And it’s not your normal wake up where you gently drift out of your dreams and open your eyes slowly. No. It’s more like one second I’m deep asleep and the next my eyes are wide open and I feel this energy in my body which keeps me from going back to sleep. It’s as if my body is on a caffeine buzz … at 3 am. Not that cool.

Second, my electronic devices act strangely. This doesn’t happen every night but when it does it kind of freaks me out. For example, this morning, my phone just started to make all these notification sounds although my phone is always always always on silent. And guess what time it was when I finally managed to grab it and make it stop ? Sure, it was 3:14 am. Last Tuesday, when I woke up around 3:30, I found my computer on my desk across the room starting up… by itself. I had just opened my eyes when I heard the ‘Ahhhh’ my Mac does when it starts.. I just sat there in my bed staring at it, puzzled.

Third, these strange smells linger around. This element is new, I only experienced it a few times in the last days. When I wake up, I have this crazy energy in my body and simply can’t go back to sleep so, I usually go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. Lately, when I come back to my room I catch these smells that seem to linger in one place and that are completely unknown to me. Last night close to my bedroom’s door was this lemon smell mixed with something like tobacco which is so strange since none of my roommates nor I do smoke. Where was that coming from?

Am I going crazy ? Help !

Needless to say, that I’m a little puzzled by all of this. I have tried expressing gratitude for this experience which made me see more sunrises than I ever have in my entire life (hey, just being positive here). I have tried to meditate, do yoga and connect with Self in order to get some guidance about this situation, but nothing seems to help. I have seen my doctor about this issue and several tests later, I now know that nothing is wrong with my health.

I am turning to you guys

This is why I decided to share this with you guys hoping that some of you might have a better understanding of all of this. Perhaps you have experienced this before or someone you know has? or maybe you’ve heard or read about it or simply have a hypothesis as to why this has been happening to me. I would love to hear from you beautiful souls. I humbly reach out to you for help, any advice would be more than welcome.


Lots of love

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    Here are some thoughts from what I have experienced and what I have read from others:
    Waking up in the middle of the night, this happened to me, too for a period of several years. I woke up at 2or 3 am and then could not fall asleep again. I took this as a sign that I should use this time to meditate. I just stayed in bed and turned my attention inwards,feeling the bliss and peace and gratitude that comes from connecting to this awareness inside. I was awake for two hours, then I could sleep again.
    For others, this early morning time a time for channeling. I recal reading this from Neale Donald Walsch and Jon Marc Hammer (Jayem). They were woken up by spirit in the early morning because that was the time where they would be most receptive to channeling.
    I have not encountered the smells. But I have read this might be people from the other side trying to contact us. Either spirit guides or deceased ones. The smell is like a fingerprint recognition sign. I have read that the smell of roses is associated with mother Mary, for example.
    Regarding weird acting elecronic devices, I usually have those when I am emotionally off balance, e.g. angry or drowning in grief. The blog post Can Human Energy Fields Affect Electronics? by thedailyawe, Lindsay Curtis, speaks about this too and it contains many readers’ comments on the topic. I have also read that it might be deceased ones trying to contact us.
    My ipad is sometimes used as a tool by my spirit guides. At one time, the wake up on push notifications was suddenly enabled again. I had disabled this before, but for some reason, the feature was switched on again. I took this as a sign that I was about to get a ‘push’ to do something. There were other signs that confirmed this interpretation.
    I hope you find a way to interpret it that makes sense to you.

  2. Hi Nikita, (lovely name) – This is not uncommon for me. It is a part of the journey, nothing to be concerned about. I know, for me, it has been the opportunity to write, generally, or to create a post, or some other normal reason. For me it has also been a part of allowing myself to relax into being aware of something greater in command; namely; my soul, or consciousness. Nothing to be alarmed about. On the contrary, it is more about making a greater connection to that which is real, and allowing whatever happens to happen. This had the effect of making me more cognizant of that part of me which is not ruled by my mind. I would suggest that you just relax, and allow; knowing that you are in ‘good hands’.

  3. I hope that you are soon able to get a google d nights rest again… if you are waking consistently at that time I feel that something inside your spirit is telling you something and often when that happens we don’t listen … maybe some meditation before bed would help?

  4. Waking up between 3-4am is a sign that your spirit guides are attempting to connect with you in order for you to receive soul messages. Keep a dream journal at this time and document what was on your mind when you woke up (waking life), as well as any dreams you remember before waking up or after falling back to sleep and waking up for the day in the morning. If you’re smelling tobacco, etc, this could also be a sign that you have lower vibrating energy nearby that attracted to your internal light. Not trying to freak you out, but you may want to consider this and call in psychic / spiritual protection. Some feel comfortable with calling in angels, high vibrating spirit guides and ascended masters. Others make sure they have crystals that vibrate at a high frequency and surround their room and bed with them. You may find it helpful to directly speak out loud when these things happen with your tech devices and let whatever it is know you are not afraid of it and that it either needs to go to the light or go back to where it came from. And if it is your spirit guide(s) you can ask specifically for them to show up only in your dreams to pass messages to you, so that it doesn’t affect your sleep or scare you by showing up with unfamiliar smells, etc. Just know that you are always protected by the love and light and bring that energy to this situation!

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